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About Prodigy




  • An impressive or outstanding example of a particular quality

  •  A highly talented individual.

Official House Colors 

Royal Blue, Silver & White


Icon Mann (FKA Overall Father Ebony)


Ronnie Ebony, Caesar Ebony, Rich Ebony, Tanaka Ebony, Lil Kevin Ebony, Kage Dutchboy (Midwest Chapter), and Tre Ebony


"Many Are Born, Few Are Born, Prodigy"
“Don’t Hate Us, Hate Your Last Name!”



The Innovative House of Prodigy is an international ballroom house based in Philadelphia, PA. They compete in an underground LGBTQ+ subculture known as the Ballroom Scene. Overall, Father Mann (formerly Ebony) dreamed of creating a ballroom house with like minds merging their talents and strengths to build a powerhouse in a community filled with well-established houses. On August 24th, 2002, his vision crystallized as The Innovative House of Prodigy. Together with five other co-founders, Mann debuted The Innovative House of Prodigy at the Iconic House of Revlon Ball in New York City, coming in 2nd place for the house with the most trophies.

Through the years, the House of Prodigy has used its unity and power as a significant lever to develop legendary talent continually. The House of Prodigy has stood at the forefront as one of Ballroom’s most elite houses, winning multiple House of the Year awards in Philadelphia, NYC, and the Midwest. Since the House of Prodigy’s founding, the house has become a top contender in Realness and Performance while having a solid presence in Runway, Face, and Sex Siren. In 2021, The House of Prodigy appeared in the second season of the HBO Max original reality-competition series “Legendary.”


The House of Prodigy is a ballroom house for the LGBTQ+ community. Our mission is to “produce legendary talent” by providing a fun, safe, and encouraging atmosphere; while teaching the skills to develop strong character, positive attitudes, and responsibility, as well as instilling positive goals, dreams, and values outside of ballroom. We are committed to cultivating a vibrant community by connecting talented individuals with the skills, information, and resources they need to be successful.

fun facts

The House of Manolo Blahnik is the sister house to the Innovative House of Prodigy.  The Founder, Icon Jay Blahnik, started the house under Mann’s leadership while they were in Iconic House of Ebony.

  • The House of Balmain, The House of Supreme Moncler and The House of Herrea are daughter houses to the Innovative House of Prodigy. The Founder’s Rodney Ex Mugler-Balenciaga-Milan-Prodigy and Marco Givenchy-Mizahri-Aphrodite-Prodigy started their houses under Mann’s leadership while they were in the Legendary Innovative House of Prodigy.

  •  The Legendary House of Prodigy has had 4 Overall Fathers:

    • Icon Hall of Famer Mann Prodigy, Icon Rodney Prodigy-Balmain Father, Legendary Kenyon Prodigy-Supreme Moncler, and the current Overall Father Legendary Fatty Prodigy

  • The Legendary House of Prodigy has had 5 Overall Mother’s:

    • Hall of Famer Meeka Prodigy, Icon Hall of Famer Mahagony Chanel Prodigy, Icon Mercedes Prodigy-Alpha Omega Icon Jacen Prodigy-Supreme Moncler and  Icon Sexy Lexy Prodigy.

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