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The Iconic HOF Founding Father Mann, The Iconic HOF Overall Mother Sexy Lexy, The Legendary Overall Father Fatty Prodigy, with the Iconic HOF Innovative House of Prodigy, ask for your attendance as we celebrate 20 Years of existence on January 7, 2023, in Miami, Florida.


905 Brickell Bay Dr
Miami FL 33131




Masters of Ceremony
Icon Gorgeous Jack Gucci
Icon Kevin JZ Prodigy
Snookie West

TABLE information

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Prodigy VIP Experience $2000 (Sold Out)

(20 seats) including an exclusive 3-Hour limit Bottle Girl, exclusive runway and judges panel view, an assortment of premium deli sandwiches, various hot hors d’oeuvres, accompanied with a 3 course meal for 20 people of Haitian Black Rice, Stewed Chicken or Griot (Fried Pork), Haitian Mac and Cheese, Prodigal Pineapple Upside Down Cake, 2 Bottles of Champagne, a Premium Bottle of Liquor of your choice, and a personalized engraved table gift (PURPLE).

Elite Experience $1500 (Sold Out)

(12 Seats) Exclusive runway view, stocked with an assortment of premium deli party platters and dessert tray, accompanied with various hot hors d’oeuvres, 2 bottles of Champagne, and personalized engraved table gift (RED).

Lavish Experience $1200

(10 seats) Preferred seating, premium deli platter, dessert tray, assortments of hot hors d’oeuvres, and 1 bottle of Champagne (LAVENDER).

Opulent Experience $1000

(10 Seats) Premium deli platter, dessert tray, hot hors d’oeuvres, and 1 bottle of Champagne (GREEN).


Lush Experience $800

(8 Seats) Premium deli platter, dessert tray, and 1 Bottle of Champagne (YELLOW).


Grand Prize $12000 Fem Queen Face

The Wicked Bride

Versace is searching for a new wicked beauty for his Atelier Versace bridal collection. He wants a jaw-dropping nasty mug that will send chills down anyone’s spine and get the crowd in an uproar from the back of the runway. The media will break out into a frenzy to grab a shot of that stone-cold face. FemQueen Face has always been one of the most entertaining categories, from the memorable rivalries, the mugs, the looks, the shade, the creativity, and of course, the GIRLS! Tonight we celebrate The Iconic HOF House of Prodigy’s 20th Anniversary, and we want to see the girls bring it in wicked bridal attire. Remember, it’s your FACE that should be doing the talking. *FQs ONLY*

Grand Prize $9000 Open to All Team Realness

Male Figure vs. Female Figure Legendary/Icon Realness with an Understudy


Andrew Cunanan, the American spree killer who viciously murdered Gianni Versace on his doorstep, was believed to be jealous of Versace‘s power, wealth, and admiration. Before murdering the Fashion Icon, Cunanan floated in some of the most elite circles. Tonight as Andrew Cunanan, you and your accomplice will go undercover at Versace’s last fashion show. Show your realness in your finest garments to blend with the high-profile guests in attendance, scope out the scene, and bring us a plan to murder the Fashion Icon.


This is how it works:

Teams will be MALE FIGURE (Thug, Executive, Schoolboy, PrettyBoy, Everyday, Transman, Butch) or FEMALE FIGURE (Femme Queen, Jr. Femme Queen, Drag. No Women). One teammate MUST be a Legend or Icon. The understudy MUST be a non-legend. Your team must be two people of the same gender.


The Male Figure winning team will receive $2000, and the Female Figure winning team will receive $2000.


Here is the twist:

The two teams can put up their $2000, and the House of Prodigy will add $5000 to the pot, and the two teams can then BATTLE FOR $9000 CASH!

Realness rulers, this is what you’ve been waiting for, and The House of Prodigy is allowing you to make your moment and win your case.



THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK—It’s been less than two years, and you’ve finally been cast in your first runway show. Rumor has it Gianni will be watching. Does your face have what it takes, or will tonight be your last on the runway? No head-to-toe one-color looks tonight, so no all-black or all-white looks. Be creative and sell your face.


BQID vs. Women’s

Tonight you are competing for Miss World Italy, and you’re inspired by one of the world’s most fabulous designers to come out of your country. Show us how you will represent your country with a solid colored—red, white, or green—one-piece Gianni-inspired swimsuit. Please do not forget your sash.



THE WICKED BRIDE—Versace is searching for a new wicked beauty for his Atelier Versace bridal collection. He wants a jaw-dropping nasty mug that will send chills down anyone’s spine and get the crowd in an uproar from the back of the runway. The media will break out into a frenzy to grab a shot of that stone-cold face.

Femme Queen Face has always been one of the most entertaining categories, from the memorable rivalries, the mugs, the looks, the shade, the creativity, and of course, the GIRLS! Tonight we celebrate The Iconic HOF House of Prodigy’s 20th Anniversary, and we want to see the girls bring it in wicked bridal attire. Remember, it’s your FACE that should be doing the talking. FEMME QUEENS ONLY.



Andrew Cunanan went to a nightclub the night before the murder of Versace. Cunanan was a person of many identities, and his looks screamed from masculine to feminine, aiding his ability to blend in with the gay community. Tonight your South Beach Club attire is on you. Whether masculine to feminine or somewhere in between bring it; but, remember, the category is face!



Versus was a diffusion line of the Italian luxury fashion house Versace. It began in 1989 as the first diffusion line by the house, a gift by the founder Gianni Versace to his sister, Donatella Versace. Grace the judges with the art of face. Tonight flashback to the 80s in all black from head to toe and wearing a well-fitted tank top or T-shirt, selling your face with your impeccable skin, brilliant teeth, and flawless structure.



THE CLUB KID—In the 80s and 90s, the safe space for queer artists, creatives, and outcasts was in the club. Their faces were painted for the gods, and their outré ensembles were one of a kind. They eventually became known as the Club Kids and lived in a world where queerness wasn’t something to hide but to celebrate. Tonight bring us the ultimate club kid carta done in an avant-garde look inspired by 80s fashion.




Male Figure Perfect 10’s

COPYRIGHT WITHIN THE FASHION INDUSTRY—Fashion Week, in particular, can be a sensitive period for copyright infringement. Designer’s collections are shown publicly, making their work more susceptible to copying from counterfeiters. Tonight, you’ve been invited by Daniel Versace, the son of the famed fashion designer and socialite Donatella Versace, to attend Paris Fashion Week. You have arrived just in time to set the cameras ablaze in your finest attire from head to toe. Be impeccably dressed and debonair in a printed, form-fitting tailored suit. Amaze the ladies with your sparkling eyes and alluring face. Will your realness tell the tale, or will this be the part that breaks the girl’s heart?


Female Figure Perfect 10’s

For ages, Versace has been known for designing beautiful dresses and gowns for A-list celebrities. Still, the night that Jennifer Lopez wore that green silk chiffon number shook the world. We want to see a show-stopping, one-of-a-kind gown that will mesmerize the audience and judges. Yes, please focus on the dress. But, you cannot forget that the category demands that you be perfect. Serving a chilling face, a sculptured frame, and a dominant sex appeal, SHOW US WHY YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF PERFECT 10s!

Male Figure Sex Siren

The new Versace Spring/Summer 2023 campaign will undoubtedly have an echo globally, thanks to an exceptional testimonial and one of their hottest new brand ambassadors. YOU! Versace loves strong, determined ambassadors who are not afraid to show their charm, talent, and character, giving them a runway to strut their stuff. You have been selected as a candidate and will appear in the 2023 menswear fashion show tonight. As you rock the runway with your chiseled abs, bring us a new, sexy, and alluring look that will land you the job. With your appearance in the online campaign and at the 2023 Versace fashion show, you are sure to become a trending topic with fans adoring you for your over-the-top sex appeal and lustful physique. Will you be the hottest on the market and leave the crowd amazed, or will you get cut at the gate?


Female Figure Sex Siren

THE DARK SEX QUEEN—We had many beauties grace this category for many years. From Danielle Revlon, Sinia Ebony, Raquel Balenciaga, Dee Dee Revlon, Niambi Prodigy, Angel Revlon, Stacey Blahnik (RIP), Melissa Escada, Danielle Icon, Dawn Karan, Alyssa St. Claire, Shawna Balenciaga, Iyanna Revlon, Paris West, Vanessa Frost, Draya Garcon, Erica Kane Margiela, Shyd’na Lanvin, Armani Del Core, Shae Margiela, Money Moncler, Rashanti Gucci, Lola Gucci and of course our Overall Mother Sexy Lexy Prodigy. So tonight, we want to see the evilest, sinister, wickedest, dark, devilish sex goddess. Gothic is not necessary, but it’s OK. Think outside the box, ladies, because Sexy Lexy will be watching.

Male Figure Body

Forget the super yachts and palatial mansions; a hot bodyguard is the latest must-have status symbol for A-list fashion designers and celebrities. Unsurprisingly, fellow security staff has been trying to get noticed on Instagram. They’re showing off their enviable lifestyles as they jet around the world with wealthy clients, showing off muscular bodies that make them ideal for the job. As a security guard for Versace’s ambassador, Dua Lipa, being into pecs, six packs, strong legs, muscular arms, or a good set of obliques on your hunk isn’t enough to protect her. You must look good, raising the standard for the hottest man in a suit.


Bring it in all-black formalwear with those bulging muscles stretching your shirt. Be sure to give us an extra treat as you rip off your shirt and pants revealing that whole muscular body.

Female Figure Body 

Miami has always been known for its fabulous beaches. The beautiful bodies that grace them have physiques in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a model-size, a busty babe, a voluptuous hipster, a thick and juicy, or a total knockout, we will settle it and leave it all on the floor tonight. Bring it in your sexiest beach attire, making it sizzle on the floor with your voluptuous curves.




OTA Realness

A TOUCH OF GOLD—You’re invited to brunch with other elite members of the Versus Versace line. Dressed in all-black with a touch of gold, come dressed to impress the other guest. Will they clock your tea, or will you blend in with the rest of the members?


Realness W/A Twist

GIANNI’S LITTLE BLACK BOOK—Being a prominent socialite, Gianni always had a piece of eye candy on his arm. These few men were the sexiest and manliest in the scene. But no one ever knew their true intentions with Gianni. Being Gianni’s secret companion came with its perks, but when he got bored, he had no problem going into his Black Book to pick another prospect from his List. Tonight you need to fight to be the top pick on that List. Twisters come and storm Miami like the top twister you are, showing us the performance that makes you the most wanted twister in ballroom. Be done in a fashionable all-one-color monochromatic look! But NO all-black or all-white looks.


Who’s Who of the Prodigy Black Book—Charming Balenciaga,  Mannie Revlon, Derrick Revlon, Ty 007, Khaoz Moncler, Shorty Ebony, DonDon DMV, PJ DMV, Montae Margiela, Boosie Mugler, JT Balmain, Jodi Mugler, Que West, Chocolate 007, Jojo Balenciaga, Jeter Gorgeous Gucci, and Rome Ebony.


If you are not in the book, you can make a moment tonight and be penciled in after adding $40 to the pot. Since you’re not on the list, you must first walk a realness category, receive your tens, and bring it for twist in all black to receive your admission into the Prodigy Black Book.






BITCH STOLE MY LOOK—Fashion designers have been known for stealing looks and ideas straight from our ballroom runway. To name a few, Gianni Versace, Jeremy Scott, and Richard Quinn are all famous designers who have been accused of theft. It’s Miami Fashion Week, and we want you to break into the showroom and take back what’s rightfully yours. In a High Fashion “Burglar” look, hit the runway, concealed, and don’t forget your weapon. Be ready to annihilate anyone that steps in your way.



THE PSYCHOTIC RICH BITCH—You’re known for your rich looks, unhinged attitude, and devastating walk. Your love for fashion and money has driven you completely crazy. So crazy that you’ve broken every law in fashion and turned into a fashionable runway psychopath! Tonight hit the runway in a sickening stylish demented look! Remember, Miami is one of the fashion capitals in the world and home to the historic Versace mansion. Tonight is the night that only the A-list critics will be out. Will you be so done and deranged that you get invited to the mansion party, or will you look crazy and left stranded outside?





OTA Foot and Eye

Two decades ago, Andrew Cunanan fatally shot Gianni Versace outside his Miami Beach mansion. The killing and subsequent search became an international media sensation. Versace's younger sister Donatella, and longtime boyfriend, Antonio D'Amico, were in outrage over the way the media depicted Versace's death. Gianni is known for his signature Medusa embellishments and flashy aesthetic! Tonight you are here to avenge your lover's death and set the record straight in a black and gold bondage high fashion look! Medusa is a must. Footwear should exude futuristic Versace, with big and bold eyewear that's held back the tears for your dear Gianni. Please, no lackluster homemade looks tonight. Gianni Versace must inspire your look.

OTA Urban vs. High Fashion Streetwear

It's winter, but the ball is in Miami. If you're a bad bitch, steal the cash prize by being done in the ultimate showcase of spring/summer 2023 pieces only. Do not mix high fashion and urban. Be fully accessorized from head to toe with a secret weapon.


OTA Best Dressed

Tonight you have been chosen to be the special guest at this year's anniversary gala in remembrance of the late fashion guru, Gianni Versace. Some of the most elite fashion people are expected to attend. You have been given the honor of accompanying Donatella on the red carpet and being her understudy for the night. Will your look be innovative and inspire her and generations to come? Will the paparazzi beg to know who you are? Or will you be asked to stand six feet back and go down as one of the fashion rejects in history?


OTA Bizarre

Magazines and newspapers worldwide have told many stories concerning fashion, crimes, and even the most outrageous stories. Tonight using nothing but newspapers, or magazines, create a fashionable Bizarre look that tells a story that will land you a spot on the front cover of Vogue Magazine.

OTA Sneaker vs. Sneaker

THE ULTIMATE SNEAKER BANDIT—Tonight, we want to bring back the essence of sneaker vs. sneaker and reserve the floor for high-end designer pieces only. Tonight labels are a must! Can you get the fab pieces or not? Who will reign as the actual sneakerhead rich bitch?





CROSS DRESSING BANDITS—Two women who are believed to be men are on the run after a string of recent smash and grabs at a local Neiman Marcus. One of the cross-dressers distracted the store clerk as the other filled a large black bag with an estimated $9,000 of Versace’s most expensive perfumes and fragrances from their upcoming MMXXIII collection. Their disguises, which consisted of bright red lipstick, wigs, face makeup, and women’s attire, were very convincing. The store clerk told reporters, “They appeared as women.” However, the authorities say they did not do an excellent job of covering their tracks. Tonight, you are the new bandit dressed in the same disguise, and Versace has offered a small reward leading to your capture. Will you be the one to get away or be put away?



Donatella Versace is known to have a strong friendship with the one and only Lady Gaga. Versace has designed many performances looks for Gaga, including collaborating on looks for the Born This Way Tour. Which notable look from this relationship are you going to recreate to bring it in tonight?


Femme Queen

DESTROY THE FLOOR—FQ performance has evolved into different styles and techniques over the years. But the feminine aspect has been lost, and the elements are starting to disappear. Whether you’re a soft and cunt or dramatic battle cat or a beat-to-beat girl or a Tasmanian devil spinner, a dip master, a storyteller with your hands, or a catwalk destroyer, tonight, let’s do things a little differently. Ladies, for your tens, in a sickening catsuit, bring your most extraordinary floor performance roll, kick, slide, melt, hair whips, and dips; whatever you do, don’t get up until you get your tens. Floor performance is only for you 10s.


Hands Performance

DEATH ROW—You are on trial for the murder of Gianni Versace. Tonight is your opportunity to plead your innocence; however, no words will be spoken. Use your hands to tell your story to claim your innocence.


Old Way vs. New Way

You are set to hit the club in South Beach to dominate the dance floor tonight. In your 90s South Beach club attire, show us if pop, dip, and spin shall reign on the floor or will a new stretch take the spotlight.



Gianni Versace is looking for new entertainment during his next winter collection show. Tonight he is looking for the most fashion-forward effective VF. Your tricks and stunts will not save you tonight, as he is looking for someone with all elements of performance to entertain his attendees next year. So butch queen voguing femme is what he would like to see. Will your look and performance bring him to his feet or make him throw his whole collection to the side? We are looking for the best, so we invite only the best. Please bring it in the best fashion-forward look for Gianni. If your name didn’t make the list and you think you have what it takes, add $20 to the pot and dance!


Legendary BQ Performance

The death of Legendary Gianni was malicious and unexpected; a great designer was taken before his time. Tonight pay your respects to a fellow legend, attending the annual memorial, honoring the extraordinary Gianni Versace in a black over-the-top look fit for a legend! Don’t forget your shades! Other colors are acceptable, but your look must be majority black.





Fashionistas As A House

Your house has pulled off the ultimate break-in of a fab clothing store in Aspen, Colorado. You've been hanging out in Miami, Florida, to evade capture and the brutal mountain weather. Bring the ultimate winter ski look as a house—four or more people—to the Prodigy Ball and show your Aspen pieces. Be so done, so icy, you freeze the police at the door. All members MUST have at least one label piece on and be done.

Realness As A House

After the death of Gianni Versace, a lot of his priceless paintings and statues were stolen. Tonight, there is an auction taking place. Your family must fit in with the other millionaires by coming done head to toe with your paddle, ready to bid the highest price on these antiques. Bring us a family of three prepared to bid the highest at an auction. (Must include two members of trans experience.)


Performance As A House

At a fashion show, each garment tells a piece of a story that builds up to a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece that completes a fashion designer's vision. Tonight tell us a story from start to finish with a lineup of 5 models in show-stopping pieces to showcase each element! One element. Don't forget that last walk; we want to see this beautiful collection come together and end with a bang. Remember, this is a fashion show, so one at a time! (Four-minute max productions.)



Unity As A House

In honor of the International Iconic Innovative House of Prodigy, we would like to see your house showcase your house pride and or house unity. The House of Prodigy has brought this category time and time again, and we are currently undefeated. So tonight, in honor of our 20th anniversary, please showcase your house unity or house pride to set the tone of our ball.


House Pride: meaning your house showcasing how proud you are of the brand you are a part of, dressed in your house colors, house T-shirts, sweaters, jackets displaying your house name, chanting your house name.


House Unity: meaning your house showcasing your style in a cohesive look, fashionable style dressed in colors of your choice, or themed dress code making a statement, chanting your house name.


Example: The House of Lacroix Ball for Best Dressed, the House of Prodigy brought it in all gray suits and dresses with a touch of pink. The AlphaOmega Ball: The House of Prodigy brought house pride with white bottoms and wearing our anniversary T-shirts from different years. The House of Mizrahi Ball, the House of Prodigy, brought pride in custom two-tone T-shirts displaying our house name on the front, the personalized name of each member on the back, their respective chapter on the sleeve, and bucket hats with our house name displayed on the front.


Tonight honor the House of Prodigy's 20th-anniversary House Ball, representing your house as creative and unique as you like. Shout out to these houses that have walked against the Prodigies for this category: LaBeija, Amazon, St.Clair, Mugler, Evisu (Lanvin), and Milan. Which house will come and be added to the list of houses that take pride in being unified?

Prevention As A House

Months before Gianni's murder, Andrew Cunanan began to lose himself. Believing and self-diagnosing himself as HIV positive, he went on a three-month killing spree, thinking he had nothing left to lose. Upon receiving autopsy results from Cunanan's suicide, it was discovered that he was never positive. Tonight your team of five must present a safe sex message in a unified look that will save Cunanan's life and potentially stop the murders that were committed. The message can be about prevention, treatment, or stigma related, but make it entertaining. $500.00

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